Kathaleen & Vicente-Hitched!

I first met Kathaleen several years ago.  She was glowing and in love with Vicente, after returning home from living in Spain!  I was fresh out of college and had just started my very first teaching job.  Kathaleen was one of the very first people to warmly introduce herself and and make me feel welcome.  I’m sure Vicente agrees with me when I say that Kathaleen is one of those individuals who makes you feel good to be around.  She brings out the best in people and makes everyone feel incredibly important.  Vicente is equally caring and passionate about life.  I’m delighted for these two to begin their life together in San Diego.  Thanks for making me a part of your beautiful celebration-filled with lots of love, laughter and flamenco dancing!100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115117116 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131

Christmas in Coronado

Photographing the Carlucci family has been especially rewarding.  I’ve had the pleasure of documenting Brittany and Bobbi’s wedding, pregnancy, newborn photos, birthdays, holidays, and so many more monumental times in their lives.  It’s my pleasure to share their beautiful Christmas photos, taken on a winter evening in Coronado.  This Christmas shoot was especially sweet because the Carlucci family is getting ready for the arrival of their second baby boy.  Congratulations and thanks for taking me along on your beautiful journey.  AU8A6909  AU8A6924AU8A6899 AU8A6945AU8A6918  AU8A7004AU8A6933 AU8A6906AU8A6989_1 AU8A7108 AU8A7120 AU8A7102AU8A6898

California Family Adventure

Having a baby has given me a fresh outlook on life.  After having Scarlett, life has become bigger, and I’m experiencing life beyond myself.  I see things in a new and interesting light.  Our first road trip, as a family of three was quite an adventure.   Nathan, Scarlett and I traveled to Mendocino to spend time with my family.  Along the way we made several stops at some of California’s most beautiful beaches, we also ventured inland to explore Yosemite in the Fall.  Traveling with a four-month old is a little more challenging, but so incredibly rewarding.  AU8A6028_1 AU8A6030 AU8A6054_1 AU8A6118 AU8A6139_1 AU8A6151_1 AU8A6179_1_1 AU8A6192 AU8A6212 AU8A6257 AU8A6331 AU8A6361_1 AU8A6367 AU8A6389-copy AU8A6408-copy AU8A6416 AU8A6498 AU8A6564-copy AU8A6568_1 AU8A6576

Anthony Family

This is an especially exciting Christmas for the beautiful Anthony Family!  Baby Julian was welcomed into the world  this year by his parents, and his proud big brother, George.  Now, they get to celebrate their first Christmas as a family of four.   Thanks for letting me capture an evening of fun and exploration at one of San Diego’s finest Christmas tree farms.  I’m sure the Anthony home will be filled with lots of love this holiday season!