AJ & Clare-Green Gables

There’s an old saying that rain on your wedding day is actually good luck.  Well, in the case of AJ and Clare, they are going to have the happiest and longest marriage, because it didn’t just rain on their wedding day, it poured.  The rain came down in buckets just minutes before Clare was scheduled to walk down the isle.  With a quick change of location, under a chiffon gathered tent, nestled among tall forests, and English gardens, AJ and Clare said I do at The Green Gables Wedding Estate in San Marcos, California.  The venue was a perfect mix of vintage and new, with a schoolhouse dating back to 1889.  Clare couldn’t have been more elegant in her lace gown.  The bridesmaids wore pale purple dresses, while AJ and his groomsmen looked dapper in black suits .  Thank you for inviting me to capture your beautiful and very lucky day.  I wish you a lifetime of happiness together!

The Bogren Family

The Bogren family couldn’t be any sweeter, dapper, or carefree.   Presley and Axel stole my heart as they traipsed around the warm grove of eucalyptus trees.  Michele and Cade are incredibly patient parents, who lightheartedly played with their children throughout the entire session.  Thank you to the Bogren family for being a breath of fresh air.  Your love for each other shines though each and everyone of you. 

The Carlucci Family

This family of four is about to become a family of five!  Bobby, Brittany, Andy, and Aiden are excited to meet the newest member of their family, a baby girl, due to arrive this Spring.  Andy and Aiden stayed busy riding horses, and wagons, running, and playing catch with their dad.  Brittany glowed in the gorgeous, warm light of the golden meadow.  Thank you for a fun evening, and congratulations on your beautiful, growing family!  It’s my continued honor to photograph your family.

The O’Brien Family

There is only one word that comes to my mind while attempting to describe this family; stunning.  Chris, Olga, and Liam snuggled and glowed in the beautiful setting of the University of San Diego.  These three are charming, fun, playful, and spirited.  Thank you for a delightful evening.  I wish your little family overwhelming happiness as you continue to inspire those around you.

Maxwell, Dorit & Hannah

Hannah is a beautiful and loved little girl!  Just look at that sweet, innocent smile.  Look at those squishy little thighs.  Look at her tutu and gold crown.  I’m swooning over this birthday girl, who happens to turn one in a couple weeks.  As we were cheered with all our might, Hannah took a couple wobbly first steps toward us.  Hannah is incredibly lucky to have Dorit and Maxwell as her mom and dad, I couldn’t imagine a little girl being loved more.