The Adair Family

Meet the Adair Family:  Scott, Marja, Colin, and Chloe (and Grandma Karen too).  Marja is one of my closest friends from high school.  Years will drift by without seeing each other, then we somehow seem to pick up exactly where we left off.  We’ve shared laughter and tears over the days and decades; from drivers training, proms, heartbreaks, college, weddings, and most recently babies.  It was my pleasure to photograph Marja and her adorable family, as they spent a week vacation in Mission Beach, San Diego.  An escape from frigid Washington snow was just what this family needed.  Thanks for a fun session, but more importantly, thanks for all the years of friendship.  

The Livoni Family

Chris, Meghan, and Weston met me on a warm, January evening in gorgeous La Jolla.  Amongst the surfers, and sunbathers, Chris and Meghan chased energetic, little Weston around the sand and water.  Weston was so full of life, and eager to explore.  He spent the entire evening playing in the icey Pacific Ocean, and digging in the sand.  Thanks to the Livoni Family for a fun evening, enjoy this AU8A0731-copy delightful season of life.


The Adorable (Growing) Jackson Family

This sweet family is about to grow from a family of four to a family of five!  Brian, Robyn, Elise, and Preston are excited to welcome a new baby boy into their family.  I met this sweet family in one of my favorite La Jolla locations, UCSD’s Eucalyptus Grove.  Elise and Preston stayed busy running around, hiding behind trees, and chasing each other with sticks.  Robyn radiated happiness in the warm light of the forrest.  Thank you to the Jackson family for a fun evening, and congratulations on your beautiful, growing family!  

Alison, Rufio & Asher

Rufio and Asher are two of the cutest boys you’ll ever meet.  Rubio with those big, dark curls, and Asher with his sparkling eyes left me swooning (which comes as no surprise, because look at how gorgeous their mom is).  We had a delightful afternoon exploring a hidden gem of a location.  This beautiful San Diego park boasted swaying eucalyptus trees, cactus, and meandering trails.  Alison, thanks for a fun afternoon, you and your boys are truly delightful.

The Pike Family

Trevor, Catherine, Waverly, and even Rosebud, the boxer met me on a chilly Winter evening.  North Pacific Beach is one of my all time favorite San Diego locations, and was the perfect backdrop for the absolutely stunning Pike family.  Little Waverly couldn’t be more adorable with those big blue eyes, and curly, little locks.  This session led me to reflect upon how lucky we are to live in such an unbelievable city; with white sand beaches, the Pacific Ocean, and vibrant sunsets.  Thanks to the Pikes for a fun and beautiful session.  I wish your family so much happiness this year, and always!