Meet Adelynn, one of the most beautiful babies you’ll ever meet.  Adelynn’s extra remarkable, because she was born with a Coarctation of her Aorta, which required open heart surgery when she was just six days old.  She spent her first 24 days in the Acute Cardiac Unit of Rady Children’s Hospital, followed by the NICU.

Adelynn has been faced with tremendously difficult obstacles, but hasn’t lost that spark in her eye.  This is one determined little girl.  Her ever present parents, Bobby and Brittany have never wavered in their intent or love for their daughter.  Adelynn’s brothers Andy and Aiden, couldn’t be prouder to welcome a baby sister into their home.  Congratulations to the Carlucci family on your miraculous new baby girl.


A warm congratulations to this beautiful senior, Lily.  I met up with Lily on a beautiful Spring evening at Presidio Park.  The air was breezy, the grass was green, and the flowers were in full bloom.  Lily was just as gorgeous on the inside as she was on the outside.  She was sweet, kind, and intelligent.  Lily, congratulations on your acceptance to my alma mater, San Diego State University.  I wish you success and happiness in all your future endeavors.  

Meet Logan

Welcome to the world, sweet baby Logan!  This teeny-tiny sweetheart was just two weeks old at his very first photoshoot.  Logan was so sweet and cuddly, he just snoozed away during most of our session.  Congratulations to the Jackson Family.  What a wonderful addition to your family!