California Family Adventure

Having a baby has given me a fresh outlook on life.  After having Scarlett, life has become bigger, and I’m experiencing life beyond myself.  I see things in a new and interesting light.  Our first road trip, as a family of three was quite an adventure.   Nathan, Scarlett and I traveled to Mendocino to spend time with my family.  Along the way we made several stops at some of California’s most beautiful beaches, we also ventured inland to explore Yosemite in the Fall.  Traveling with a four-month old is a little more challenging, but so incredibly rewarding.  AU8A6028_1 AU8A6030 AU8A6054_1 AU8A6118 AU8A6139_1 AU8A6151_1 AU8A6179_1_1 AU8A6192 AU8A6212 AU8A6257 AU8A6331 AU8A6361_1 AU8A6367 AU8A6389-copy AU8A6408-copy AU8A6416 AU8A6498 AU8A6564-copy AU8A6568_1 AU8A6576