I vividly remember fumbling to load film into my first camera.  I was 19 years old, waiting on a train in a bustling station in Paris, France.  After several failed attempts at loading the film, I desperately asked a stranger for help.  During that summer, traipsing around Europe, I discovered my love for photography.  Although I may have drove my sister crazy, I shot through dozens of rolls of film, not missing a single sight.  Once the film was developed, I realized only a handful of photos turned out.  Most were completely blown out or underexposed.  That didn’t seem to discourage me though; it was only the beginning of my love for photography.

Over the years I went through countless point and shoot cameras until I finally bought my first hand-me-down Digital SLR camera from a very good friend.  While standing on a busy street in San Diego, my friend attempted to give me a brief lesson on the camera.  I took my first photo-a portrait, with natural light, and a shallow depth of field.  From that moment on, I knew I was hooked.

A gypsy at heart, my passion for travel has followed me for over a decade now.  I’ve been incredibly fortunate to photograph some of the world’s most diverse locations.  My husband’s love for mountains and my love for the ocean has been the backdrop for many of my favorite images. Recently, I’ve fallen in love with telling more personal stories through photographs.  It has been especially rewarding to meet couples and journey with them through their most monumental times in life.  Documenting engagements, weddings, pregnancies, newborns, and families has been incredibly gratifying.

Photography has given me a creative ability to share personal stories and images of the world.