The Sea of Cortez

Nathan and I pondered this question, “where should we travel with a five month old?”  As we flipped through page after page of Lonely Planet travel books, we were at a loss.  We didn’t want Scarlett’s first flight to be too long, we didn’t want to travel somewhere too cold etc.  Finally, with a spark in Nathan’s eye, he exclaimed, “I’ve got the best idea, we should go kayak touring in the Sea of Cortez!”  And so we were off.  Airplanes, and extremely rough boat rides took us to our small camp on Espirtu Santo Island; where our days were filled with kayaking, whale watching, snorkeling, and swimming with whale sharks and sea lions.  Much to my amusement, Nathan was even bit by an overly playful sea lion!    Scarlett was absolutely amazing the entire time.  This little lady is already an adventurer!