Nothing is sweeter than cuddling a newborn baby.  Thanks Lauren and JD for welcoming me into your home, to spend the morning cuddling your sweet baby, Hudson.  Congratulations to you both, and Hudson, welcome to this beautiful world.


Aiden’s Campout Adventure Party

I had the honor of photographing sweet baby Aiden’s first birthday party.  This was the cutest campout adventure party; featuring flashlights, tents, forts, stories, and to top it off, a campfire cake.  Happy first birthday Aiden, you must be the sweetest and happiest one-year-old around.                   AU8A5318_1AU8A5023_1-copy

Landon & Logan

Winter in San Diego?  My favorite meadow in Mission Trails was 90 degrees and Springtime green for this Winter photo shoot.  Landon and Logan spent the evening; running around, picking up sticks, and rolling in the grass, all while watching out for snakes.  Thanks for a fun Winter evening Landon and Logan!


Carrie-Senior Portraits

It was my pleasure to photograph Carrie; such a smart, beautiful, and athletic gal.  I’m so curious to see if this Southern California native will stay in San Diego, or make the considerable move to Oregon State.  Congratulations Carrie, I know whatever choice you make will be the right choice.  You’ll succeed at any college and every future venture!

The Spieldenner Family

Patrick, Lianna, Maddox, and Lex are such an enjoyable family.  I met up with the Spieldenners on a cold evening to capture a few moments.  Lex loved splashing around the waves with his blanket in tow, while Maddox preferred to stay warm and dry on the sand.  Lianna is an absolutely beautiful person; inside and out, while Patrick’s warmhearted personality shone through as he played with his boys.  Thank you for being so wonderful to photograph, I hope you relish in these special times.